1. Making Art From Other Art, Using Microsoft PowerPoint



    Michael Riedel copies. He copies the work of others, he copies his own work, and he invites others to do the same. In his hometown of Frankfurt, he is infamous for staging copycat art shows, concerts, and even people. 



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  2. 10 of the best new WebGL sites

    Creative coder and developer Paul Lewis rounds up 10 of the best new WebGL sites and provides some handy tips along the way, if you, too, want to join the 3D revolution.

    WebGL, then. It’s been around a while, and it looks like it’s here to stay. As you’ve hopefully seen it’s incredibly powerful, capable of pushing around thousands of polygons and particles all the while giving us tons of visual goodies. It’s fair to say I’m a big fan and, if Twitter reactions are anything to go by, so are a lot of other people!

    Right now virtually all the major browser manufacturers support WebGL in their browser, although sometimes it needs to be enabled manually. So that’s Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera that will all let you see the wonder of WebGL. Still no word on Internet Explorer yet, although hope springs eternal!

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  3. Tito Na Rua X Rooftop Legends →

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  4. iOS ’86

    iOS ’86

  5. Google's Newest Office Looks Like A Space Station With Foosball Tables →

    PENSON’s giddy design looks like a movie set, but beneath the glamour, it’s a place of work.

    Would you like to work in a space station? Not the boring old real space station where conditions are quite cramped but a space station built by graduates of the Stanley Kubrick school of interior design? If so, I highly recommend that you get in touch with Google, and ask to be transferred to London.

  6. Nice stop frame animation.

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  7. Interactive Typography Effects with HTML5 →

    With HTML5 gaining popularity, this tutorial outlines what is really just the tip of the iceberg that is interactive design. I will go over the development of dynamic, and generative banners to give your website that little extra wow!

  8. Earth | Time Lapse View from Space, Fly Over | NASA, ISS

    Time lapse sequences of photographs taken by the crew of expeditions 28 & 29 onboard the International Space Station from August to October, 2011, who shot these pictures at an altitude of around 350 km. 

    Simply stunning

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  9. Your Jux — Begging to be touched.  →

    Your Jux is now a cutting-edge, touch-enabled, HTML5 web app. Swipe ☞ through your favorite photos, words and videos. Tap ☝ to see details. Pinch ✌ to zoom out. Show off to the world with breathtaking style and ease.

    Curious? Grab your iPad 2 (or swipe one!) and head to Jux.com »

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  10. A Magazine Cover Inspired By Bucky Fuller Highlights The Feel Of Paper

    Modeled on Bucky’s geodesic dome, Hamburg-based Paperlux creates a colorful, multifaceted cover that can bend any which way.


    (Source: fastcodesign.com)